The Benefits of a Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y) Pilates Program

If you have been doing Pilates for some time, whether in many one on one session or in a group setting, and you understand your program and the exercises, you are probably ready to embark on a “Do-It-Yourself” (D.I.Y) Pilates program.

Before you jump into a DIY Pilates Program, be sure to consult your Pilates instructor to make sure you are ready to begin one. This is to make sure that your workout is safe and can give you results!

Some studios offers personalized DIY Pilates programming services. Your training program will be drawn up accordingly to your goals. You will be fully instructed properly on how to execute the routines correctly and you can ask questions to clarify any doubts before you begin.

Here are some benefits from doing Pilates on your own:

– Improved posture – Strengthened core – Proper breathing technique – Toned muscles – Develop balance and stability – Gain muscular endurance – Improved flexibility – Increased metabolism – Less risk of injury – Permanent pain relief

When you start your Pilates DIY program both on mat or machine, it’s important to start slowly, and build it up as you get more comfortable with the exercises. With time, you can progress to more advanced moves, and add other soft apparatus like dynaband, mini ball, pole and more.

Pilates done on mat is easier because it is more portable and you can do the exercises at home or anywhere. There are many DVDs that you can purchase on the market, but you need to be sure the DVD you picked is appropriate for your level of fitness and you know how to execute the routine properly.

Even though the mat is more portable and there are benefits to be achieved from performing mat routines, mat exercises do not give you the resistance that the Pilates reformer does. The Reformer works on springs from which the resistance can be adapted to suit your level of training. Resistance training is important because it adds strength and endurance to your muscles. This means you can do the same activity like walking longer distance easily without feeling tired or getting out of breath. You improve your stamina and strength.

When your muscles are toned, they burn more calories which in turn increase your metabolism, thus more fat loss. The Pilates machines transform your body much faster than simply using the mat. This however, doesn’t mean you will look like a bodybuilder; but you will not have any loose skin that hangs or jiggles when you move. The reformer also gives you a broader range of motion when doing your exercises, so you can work your core more effectively and more efficiently.

The most important long term benefit of embarking on a DIY Pilates program is about taking ownership of your body. You learn all about the how, why, what of the program that you are doing. You understand why certain exercises suit you might not suit your friend. It is important to know which area of the body you are working and why you need to focus on as you do each move.