Each Consignment Shop Is Different

I remember the first time I visited a consignment shop with my jewelry. It was quite a learning experience. I took my jewelry into her, in a tupperware container. She wasn’t impressed with my presentation and told me so.  She said I should have had them in presentation boxes, ready to be purchased. She said that I should have necklaces on the pendants and said they would sell better if there were matching necklace and earring sets. I learned a lot that day. In the end I didn’t leave jewelry with her. She would have taken it, had I upped the presentation and created sets, but it my my decision not to leave jewelry with her. She wouldn’t let my name be on my jewelry. She wanted to sell it anonymously. I didn’t see how that would be of help to me. Sure, I would make some income, but no one would know the name I create jewelry under, my business name. I had created a Facebook page and an etsy site. I wanted people to be able to find my jewelry online. This arrangement didn’t work for me. I have since learned that each consignment shop works differently. Some don’t want my jewelry in boxes because they want to decide how the jewelry is displayed, but I make the offer and have to admit that my jewelry looks much more professional. I now offer earring and necklace sets. I now consign jewelry in four different shops in both Maryland and Vermont and in each proudly display my name on my jewelry. While it didn’t work out for me in the first shop I will always be grateful for the owners critique.