Fit Fem Flash Cardio Fat Burn Blast

The rebirth of cardio. The 80s were an infamous time period for the fitness industry. Leg warmers, terry cloth head bands, neon colored spandex, bottom fringed ink shirts, thong leotards, big fun sprayed to death hairor about the musicOlivia Newton Johns Lets Get Physical and Flashdances Shes a Maniacor the cardio aerobics movesthe grapevine, step touch, the pony.even dudes were into it  yes they wore thing spandex too, hmm?!?

Think back to all the people who used to work out back then. They were long, lean, and thin. Why? Its no surprise that if you are interested in dramatically losing weight and burning that fat of your body, you NEED cardio as part of your fitness routine. Its also no surprise here that yours truly is a super cardio junkie. I am one of those ladies who loves to sweatand I dont give a rats ass if my hair gets ruined or if my makeup gets smudged (who the hells wears makeup to work out anyway?) Lets just say I mean business when it comes to intense fitness. Go fast, go hard or go home!

Here are some hard cold truths:
You need to do at least 5-6 cardio workouts a week
Aim for at least 30-60 minutes of mixed cardio and strength training fitness regimens. For the fat to melt, you need to burn off those calories.
You need to make a severe change when it comes to your weight loss fitness plan. Even if it means you are de-conditioned and you start at a slower pace, its better than nothing. And as you become more conditioned, learn to challenge your body by intensifying the workout. Dont just think by doing the same ol snail pace walk on a treadmill youll slim down your waist line and get into those itty bitty bikinis. So pick up that pace Fit Femrs; go faster, go harder. Just like theres no crying in baseball, theres no crying in fitness. Get your rump off the couch and get movin with this under 5 minute cardio routine you can couple with other Fit Fem Flash routines I have on my site. This workout routine will no doubt get your heart pumping, allowing you to burn some initial fat and improve your fitness. This workout program is group of several cardio exercises that are known to not only make you sweat a lot, but also shed your pounds and eventually boost your metabolism to reach your fitness goals. Metabolism is really important if you want to lose weight. This is because a higher metabolism is associated with larger regular losses of calories, and, therefore, fats. This is what the cardio fat burn blast workout offers so dont miss out. If you are not used to exercise at all, well, sorry to tell you that you might start feeling the aches and pains of having to do this cardio workout. Yes, it is painful, but very fulfilling at the end. And dont worry, youll body will get used to it and will be so grateful as you start seeing your slim down results! Get your heart rate up and start burning fat baby! Perform each of these for 60 seconds at a time with 10 second rest in between for 1 round only. And if youve got the time, add a few more rounds!! Why not?
Cross Country Skiers: start by standing with legs staggered (one leg in front and the other in back, a few feet in between each other). Quickly shift your feet and your arms (in opposing directions) in a continuous manner keeping your abdominals tight the entire time.
Hopscotch Drill: start by standing with your feet a shoulder width apart. Hop one foot forward and then landing on both feet back. Continue to hop forward on the opposite leg and then landing back on both feet. Continue this repeating pattern.
Repeater Knee Lifts: stand up straight and lift one knee up to chest height. Quickly tap that lifting leg back to the floor at a slight angle behind you and quickly pick that leg up again allowing the knee to come up to chest height. Use your arms to add more intensity by bringing them up and down in opposite movement of the knee. So as your knee comes up, your arms come down. If you want to feel a more quadriceps burn, the standing leg will have a slight bend to the knee. The lower the lunge, the more intense the exercise becomes. Repeat for 60 seconds then switch to the other leg. Perform this with total control. Doing these simple yet highly effective exercises regularly, you will be in the perfect shape with peak fitness in no time. Dont you think its to burn that fat Fit Femrs?? Do it up Richard Simmons style!

Treadmill vs Elliptical Trainer Which is Better for Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is actually a billion dollar industry in the US today. Together with diet pills and supplements, exercise equipments are also among the products that consumers resort to when they need to lose weight. Let’s see how this treadmill vs elliptical trainer goes and which one is more effective for weight loss.

Treadmills still sell at higher rates than ellipticals, but the ellipticals are quickly growing in sales at a faster pace than ever before. So, if you are looking to lose some weight and get in shape, which machine will work out best for you?

Treadmills have been used for over a decade and are still the number one equipment being used, from the seasoned athletes to novice users. Simply put, it an easy machine with workout appeal because it requires no special skills to use it properly. You can program your own speed, pace and incline. You can try out different workout programs that are appropriate for your body conditions. The high-end models have MP3 docks and heart rate monitors in place for convenience and in keeping up with the digital times. Your workout can be intensely increased or toned down with the customizable programs in place. They can be folded to save space. Your lower back, knees and ankles do not get impacted very much or stressed out. In conclusion, a treadmill gives you a great lower body workout and can be exerted to any degree.

The elliptical trainer, on the other hand, is a relatively new fitness equipment but is fast growing in both popularity and sales among the same users of the treadmill. Instead of just offering a lower body workout, the elliptical offers a whole body workout, and yet users do not experience the impact of running. The elliptical concentrates on both the lower and upper body during use. The workout is a low impact one and is ideal for people with injured or weakened backs, knees, and ankles.

What should be your basic considerations when comparing the treadmill vs elliptical trainers for weight loss? Perhaps one is whether you are getting the workout that you really need while effectively losing the extra pounds. It’s true that the elliptical offers a more complete body workout but when it comes to burning the calories, the treadmill can also be very effective on that because brisk walking, jogging, and running also lets you expend a lot of energy.

So if you are deliberating between a treadmill vs elliptical trainer for weight loss, the best thing is for you to consider what type of workout you are looking to get and how much impact you are willing to endure. Treadmills are perfect for those into jogging or serious running, while ellipticals are ideal for upper body and low-impact workouts. Both however, can be of great help in helping you lose weight.

Important Elements to Having Ripped Abs

Dehydration not only hampers performance but also increases the risk of heat illnesses, such as heat exhaustion or potentially deadly heat stroke. Dehydration is now being linked to cancers and many other catastrophic illnesses. Dehydration is know to cause stress, in turn stress also causes dehydration. Dehydration can also impair performance. You should drink 4 to 8 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes during a short workout of up to an hour. Drink small quantities at a time rather than large quantities all at once. Stay hydrated, but within limits.

Step4. Resting. Resting is very important, ideally in short naps taken throughout the day. It may be helpful to plan these rests into a daily schedule. Resting is vital in stress relief and simply concentrating on a bug in the garden 10 minutes a day will do wonders. Scientific research on meditation has shown helpful to treating epilepsy, anxiety disorders, blood pressure disorders, esteem and psychological disorders. Resting is an act of creativity. Resting is a conscious choice to shift your attention from the busy activities of your life to something else.

Sleeping is an important part of our day. This is the time that the body and mind gets to rest, resuscitate, and prepare for the busy day that is in store for them the next morning. Sleeping is one of the most important functions in life. It is necessary for survival in all living things. Sleeping is the natural process of rest observed by our body, occurring at regular intervals and necessary for the maintenance of health, it is the period of rest in which an individual loses awareness of his or her surroundings. It is when all of a person’s activity decreases and muscles relax Having enough sleep in a day will give you lots of benefits and not to mention starting your day in the right mood and full of energy, is our body and mind’s means to refresh and rejuvenate.

Step5. Planning. The biggest element of all planning for preparation. Planning is the simplest most effective step. What are your daily, weekly, monthly goals. Write themdown followed with positive affirmations and stick with the plan. Daily planning for fitness is important like eating and exercising. Keep your goals reachable and make sure you hit them every day. Stay consistent and persevere.

Conclusion: Getting fit is not only a way to trim fat and look better, it is a way to a healthier, happier life. Getting fit can lead to a new, more vigorous lifestyle that becomes easier to maintain over time. Getting fit is not just about losing weight, it is about gaining health and sporting ripped abs.

What is HITT cardio training

HITT or high intensity interval training is an easy way to burn all those fat and calories in your body without exerting yourself much. This mode of interval training with much higher and intense cardio level has become a rage in bodybuilding industry, for its benefit of helping a body burn fat to a greater extent.

The major benefit of HITT or high intensity interval training is that it lets you lose all the fat. HITT is also known as conventional form cardio vascular exercise, with better and efficient outcome for every workout lover or bodybuilder.

The very old form of cardiovascular workouts talked about losing weight by exercising at low intensity or low interval for a longer period of time, but high intensity interval training is a modern form of cardio that depends on the technique of working out intensely at an interval ranging from light to moderate level.

This very fact that HITT works opposite to conventional cardiovascular technique, makes it as the upgraded version of the latter form of exercise.

Since, high intensity interval training technique is based on intense workouts with low and medium pace in alteration, rather than a continuous pace, therefore it also tends to burn more fat and that too in less time span.

The major benefit of HITT or high intensity interval training is the fact that on a normal exercise routine your body gets accustomed to the pace and exertion and thus does not lose the amount of calories you wished for.

Also by becoming accustomed to the intensity of normal cardio exercise your body also starts conserving some calories, as it goes in a steady or stable mode. So when working with alternate and intense level of exercise, your body is not able to go into a steady or stable state and thus keeps on losing or burning fat and calories without getting a chance to store them.

HITT also has its cons which makes it ‘not-suitable’ for a particular category of people involved in workouts or cardio trainings. The very reason is the level of intensity involved in it, which makes it risky for people having medical constraints like those having heart or cardiovascular difficulties.

Another reason that makes some people stay away from benefits of HITT is the fact that not every one is capable enough to workout at the requirement of this high intensity interval training program, for it requires a greater physical input.

This form of cardio may sound tough and little too unreasonable, but there are techniques to make yourself accustomed to the intensity and level of HITT. The trick here is to begin at a low pace for 5 to 6 minutes, increasing the pace to high speed and then again coming back to 4 to 6 minutes of low pace workout, finally moving on to 2 to 3 minutes of low pace along with high paced workout.

The basic idea behind the high intensity interval training is of doing a cardiovascular exercise (ranging from cycling, brisk walking, running, and treadmill walking or elliptical training) with alternate level of pace including a half or full minute interval or break before change of pace from low to high or high to low. All this is based on the aim of progressive fat burn result in much quicker and faster way, therefore for every bodybuilder HITT or high intensity interval training makes a sense when indulge in a strict fat burn or weight loss regime.

Effective Back Pain Exercises

The answer to a healthy back is appropriate exercise. The problems associated with back pain can be minimized with exercises. It is widely known that regular exercises will improve the appearance and health in general, but very few realize the benefits that good physical conditioning can have on their back pain.

The benefit of exercises for the back depends on the following three key principles:

To attain satisfactory aerobic fitness. To focus part of the exercising on the muscle groups that supports the back. To avoid exercises that cause heavy stresses on the back

The right kind of exercise program helps in keeping the back pain under control and can make it easier to continue doing the daily chores. A break from vigorous exercise can be taken if the pain becomes worse. A Doctor or physiotherapist can be consulted before starting an exercise program for deciding on the type of exercises that can be done to relieve back pain and to stay fit.

Warm up is important before exercise and deep inhaling has to be repeated before each exercise. Regular exercise helps a lot and if it is skipped for a day, unavoidably walking can compensate it, to some extent.

Exercises to strengthen the back and hip muscles:

Wall slides exercise helps to strengthen the back and hip muscles. Leg muscles also get relieved. By standing against a wall on the back, try to slide down with knees bent. The bend should be 90 degrees and count till 5. Then come back to standing posture. This has to be continued for five times.

Raising the leg also helps in strengthening back and hip muscles. Lay down on the stomach. Try to tighten the muscles of a leg and bring it up. Count till 10 and bring it down. Continue this for 5 times each for both the legs.

Sitting up partially strengthens the abdomen muscles. Lie on the back and keep the knees bent. Raise the head and shoulder above the floor and try to reach the knees with hands. Leg rising also benefits stomach and hip muscles.

Exercises to minimize the back pain:

An aerobic conditioning program for 30 minutes, thrice a week is ideal for overall fitness. Recommended aerobic exercise includes Bicycling, swimming and brisk walking. Aggravation of low back pain can happen if step aerobics and exercises like jumping and running are practiced. Aerobic exercises make the heart and other muscles consume oxygen more efficiently.

Swinging back legs could strengthen the muscles of hip and back. Stand in the back of a chair and raise a leg up and down without bending the knee. Repeat this for each leg. Posture training for sitting, standing, sleeping and even during motion is needed if posture is a factor. The type of shoes viz. High Heels that are worn can also affect the posture by adding more stress on the lower back by changing the posture.

Stretching exercises can be done for keeping the muscles flexible and less prone to injury.

How To Shorten Your Cardio Sessions Down And Quit Wasting Time

One of the biggest deterrents that will keep you from losing weight is the amount of time it takes to exercise. If you’ve listened to popular advice, you may think that running on a treadmill for an hour a day will help you shed pounds fast. But who has that sort of time? These 2 reasons will help you understand why you shouldn’t workout that long everyday to make it easier to stick to your plan.< a relatively slow pace, your body will actually go into an catabolic state (no, not catatonic) which means your body will break down cells to provide energy to keep you going.

This means that you’ll effectively be burning fat and muscle tissue since your body is out of available carbs. While burning fat sounds like a good thing, when you burn your muscles tissue away you are actually lowering your metabolism. And as you do, the amount of calories your body burns every day on it’s own decreases, which means you’ll have to work harder and harder every day to burn the same amount of calories…no thanks!

To get real results you need to keep the muscle tissue you have and build even more to make your body burn more calories on auto-pilot. To keep from burning off your muscle, start running on the treadmill for much less time.

Instead of running at a steady pace the whole time, mix it up a bit. Jog slow for awhile, then crank up the speed and run fast for a couple minutes. Then slow it back down for a bit to help your body recover. You’ll find that you’re plenty tired after only 20-30 minutes of this if you used to jog for an hour.

Plus you’ll be building muscle and not burning it, so it will help lose weight and keep it off for good, instead of having it come back the moment you stop working out!

Deciding on a Health club for Aerobic workout

When it comes to fat burning, how you operate out matters. Most individuals recognize it’s critical to get the correct amount of exercising and to workout in such a way that your muscles get stronger. But lots of people really don’t recognize that finding a place to work out that suits your style is key to being prosperous with excess fat loss.

There are lots of things that you simply must look at when you’re picking a fitness center for aerobic physical exercise. The most essential issue to think about will be the fact that not everyone gets healthy inside the exact same way. In case you havent worked out much ahead of, or if you might have and it hasnt been productive, perhaps you do not know yet what way you are going to handle exercising the ideal, and what forms of aerobic work out are heading to become most important to you. Therefore, no matter what level of fitness you happen to be at, you have to be picking a fitness center that really meets your needs by having lots of selections. You always wish to pick a fitness center for aerobic exercise which has lots of alternatives for you personally, since you in no way know when you might benefit from a change in how you work out and in how you get your exercising. This means that you just have being confident you are getting one of the most out of everything that you simply are doing, and you need to pick a health club which has lots of possibilities.

Make sure the fitness center you pick has modern equipment and that there is enough equipment to accommodate all the people there at the time you are going to be going. Visit the fitness center at several times on the day so it is possible to get a feel for how lots of people are there at 1 time. For that matter, be certain the gyms opening hours correspond towards the time you can most most likely go. This will support you get one of the most out of one’s health club membership.

Whether you decide on the elliptical or treadmill you can have to have some fat burning exercises.

Your attitude towards working out is key for your weight burning success, so pick a health and fitness center that makes you feel excellent about your self. If the other patrons are muscle heads and that intimidates you, really don’t fool oneself into thinking you are able to overcome that by becoming a muscle head your self. Wait until you happen to be profitable with your own weight loss just before joining that gymnasium. Each health and fitness center has its personal personality so shop around.

Burning Body fat with Aerobic Classes

A single with the advantages of the fitness center membership is aerobics courses.

You may well already comprehend how aerobics classes can help with extra fat burning. By attending class regularly, you may locate you are able to lose weight and keep it off, have much more endurance and be able to maintain up with other types of workout as well. Check out what aerobics and fat burning classes the health club offers.

Zumba Fitness the real deal

With its millions of people sweating it out on upbeat latino tunes, Zumba fitness has definitely left its mark on the fitness scene. For better or worse.

If you’ve ever walked in a traditional gym, you’ve probably noticed that some space – sometimes even full floors – is dedicated to group training with programs ranging from spinning classes to Tae Bo-inspired workouts. Fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike are hungry for variety and always on the lookout for new, hopefully revolutionary ways to lose unwanted pounds with a minimum of effort.

The Zumba fitness craze is a testament to this : easy to pick and hard to put down, zumba classes mix dance with fitness moves seamlessly in an attempt to make the classes less hard for beginners, more fun and seemingly less taxing on the body. Although I’d love to sing its praises, there are a few things about that conga-driven fad that bother me.

Hard on the joints

Whether it’s merengue, reggaeton or salsaton, Zumba will have you jump around like it’s 1992 all over again. Needless to say, this constant stress on the knees and ankles is not exactly good for your joints. Besides, Zumba sessions typically last about 60 minutes and involve deep lunges, ankle twists and other rhythm-laced moves that will give your physiotherapist night sweats.

The issue is not intensity here, but duration: working out for 60 minutes using a variety of exercices and balancing upper and lower body is perfectly fine even for people with weak joints. Problems arise when you spend a whole hour doing the same moves, however often the music style you’re doing those moves on changes.

I don’t deny it, a Zumba training session will get your heart pumping and your feet stomping. But is it enough to warrant and effective and efficient work out ?

This training method focuses heavily on cardio-vascular stress to promote fat loss. What its conceptors forgot though, is the importance of resistance. After a month or two of zumba training you will have become a club (or ballroom) legend with your limitless moves and swag, but you’ll also have stagnated a big deal in the muscle toning department.

Aside from involving pretty much only your legs and heart during the work out, Zumba will leave the rest of your body intact of any stress. You won’t feel any soreness in the upper body afterwards and I can guarantee that common problems areas like tricpes in women or abdomen in men are largely left unaddressed.

Bootcamps have you covered

Although it’s very tempting to try something new like Zumba, I would advise you to rather stick to tried and true methods. Our Bootcamps combine the full spectrum of fitness exercises and you will get a much bigger bang for your buck. Functional training, plyometrics, pure cardio, body weight resistance…It’s all there in our bootcamps! I know I might come across as reactionary and rigid, for once I don’t really mind: Zumba fitness is not what you need if you’re looking for solid, long-term results.

Pay us a visit and we’ll happily discuss with you what type of training suits you best.

Contact the Aspire Club or any of the personal trainers and fitness coaches at Fitcorp Asia in Bangkok on 02 229 4114 or email us

Working Out at Home Exercise Videos or Personal Trainer

We all know we should be doing some form of exercise don’t we? But, most of us really don’t want to leave our home and go to a gym.

No matter which way you go, you are going to need exercise equipment and a room in your home to put them. Here are a few choices for the kinds of equipment that you might want to get:

The most popular workout equipment that is sold today is a treadmill. If the weather is cold, or if it’s raining or snowing you don’t have to worry about freezing. Just go into your exercise room (or space) and walk on your treadmill. Treadmills aren’t the heavy, clunky machines that they used to be. Most can now be folded up and stowed away in a closet or behind a screen.

A universal weight set is the next thing that you should think about getting. Universal weight sets can be set up so that you can exercise a wide range of muscles in the body. Pumping iron isn’t like it used to be in the old days. This type of exercise equipment can be set up to exercise just about any part of your body, from your legs, to your arms to you back…you name it.

Using just these two pieces of exercise equipment, you can improve both your cardio and your body’s strength.

The least expensive choice as to learning the correct ways to exercise is by purchasing a fitness video. You don’t even have to use special equipment with some of these videos. Some will be for yoga and others just for dancing and aerobic exercise. Here are some things to be aware of when looking for a fitness video:

1. Decide on what kind of fitness that you want to start with and buy a video for that one kind. Don’t try to start out with twenty different kinds of exercises. You’ll just give up overwhelmed and frustrated.

2. Start slowly by following the video examples one step at a time. Maybe you’ve decided to do an aerobics dance video first. Begin the routine and then stop when you get overly tired. Take a day off and then start again, going as far as you can without overtaxing yourself. Build up your workout routine time gradually.

3. Only when you can easily do the exercise routine in the aerobics video that you purchased, then go for another type of exercise such as Tai Bo.

Fitness videos are great for those who are shy or think that they are to fat to be seen at the gym. (Why is that? That’s what gyms are for!) Once you get a few routines down, you’ll start feeling healthier and have more stamina.

Some people may do better with a personal trainer. After all, you can’t “cheat” on your exercises if you have someone telling you exactly what, how and why you should do your exercising. A personal trainer will create an exercise routine that matches your fitness level. They are there to push you a bit but not to make you do more than your body will tolerate.

Here are some tips on hiring a personal trainer:

You should be able to find a personal trainer at your local gym. You can hire one of them or ask them for a referral for one for you to use in your home.


The benefits of exercise are myriad. It makes you feel good about yourself, burns excess body fat, grows and maintains muscle, strengthens bones and joints, helps flexibility, deepens sleep, improves appearance, creates a high, provides goals to achieve, lifts depression, relieves stress, increases self esteem, reverses and prevents disease and helps you feel alive and youthful… that is, if you do it right.

Exercise would be as normal as breathing in the wild setting. If we were not industriously finding food, building shelters and fighting off saber-toothed tigers we would not survive. Under those circumstances eating was the reward for exercise. In the modern world we dont have to exercise to any extent to get our food. We may have cleverly changed our circumstances but we have not changed the rule that eating is the fuel and the reward for exercise. If you are not exercising you should not be eating or at least doing very little of it. This is a natural law rarely quoted these days. Ignoring and violating it results in a penalty, obesity and disease.

But today, when essentially all of our needs are met at arms length, being sedentary is normal. Getting rewards for physically doing nothing is also possible. So the decision has to be made to exercise. Why do it? Because it is what your body is designed for and health cannot result without it.

The other three forms of exercise take conscious effort. Aerobics  running, cycling, swimming, fast walking, rapid weight lifting  helps stimulate metabolism and increase respiratory and circulatory strength, as well as endurance. Strength traininglifting weights or the likemaintains or grows strength, improves physical appearance and increases bone density reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fracture. Athletic sport can combine aerobics, strength, speed and flexibility. The ideal is a sport you can prepare for by using aerobics and strength training. Improvement goals in the sport help motivate and focus on fitness goals.

Like anything else in life that is worthwhile, exercise benefits take effort. It may mean some sweat, soreness, fatigue and even an occasional injury. In fact, if you never experience an injury or soreness, there is a good chance you do not have enough intensity, and will not get results either. “No pain, no gain” is pretty true.