A Woman’s Figure Can Be Reclaimed

When my friend told me that she had bought a waist trainer, I thought it was a piece of exercise equipment. After she was done laughing at me, she explained that it is a garment that is sort of like a corset. The last time I heard that word was when I watched an older movie with my grandma, so I was the one who got to laugh then. She told me she was serious though, and that she had found a site that sells really nice waist trainers that come in a variety of colors and designs.

She hadn’t worn it out in public yet, which confused me since no one would be able to see it or even know but her. I asked her why not, and she brought it out into the room to show me. It was absolutely gorgeous! It is black and pink, and the pink section is a leopard design. It is very sexy, and I knew she was embarrassed that she would be wearing something like that under her blouse or tee shirt, whatever she wore that day. Thankfully, she had told me about it, because I was able to convince her to go ahead and wear it.

When she put it on, I knew that she and I were not going to be the only ones appreciating it. While she got it to help her with her figure, i knew her husband was going to enjoy watching her wear it too. I liked it so much that I decided to go to the same site and purchase one for myself. I ended up getting one that has the Batman logo all over it because while sexy is nice, I knew that my own husband would think this one even more. They truly work too, because both of us are well on our way to having figures that we thought were lost to us forever.