A Meal Delivery Service That Works for Me

My friend had been getting Hello Fresh meal plans for nearly a month before she told me about it. She wanted to make sure that it was actually beneficial to her to have this meal plan before she shared it. She was convinced within a week’s time, but she told me that she wanted to give it a full month, knowing that she would be able to suggest it to me and others without any reservations. When she finally told me about it, I was surprised that something like this even existed.

Granted, I don’t get out much, but I was still surprised that a company will send a box of food along with recipes, and the person receiving it just has to make a delicious meal in no time. I mean, something like that sounds too good to be true. Which is why my friend decided to wait and test it herself before telling any of us. I am so glad she did though, because I am a natural skeptic when it comes to most things, but I knew that this was the real deal since she was sharing it with me.

She invited me over for dinner last week to show me how easy it all is. She showed me the recipe card for orzo and chorizo casserole. All of the ingredients were in the box, and it only took about 30 minutes for it to be prepared. She had enough for both of us, and we were able to get caught up while it cooked. It really did not take much time at all for her to throw everything together, and it tasted so delicious. She showed me the other recipes for that week and told me how much it cost her. I knew that I was going to order it just from that one meal!